Longing Travel Affiliate Policy

We started this site to journal our travels and to help people like us who want to travel more for less and still keep their job. Over last three years I have tinkered around and have seen the blog grow and shrink depending on how much effort I put into it. Since I moved the blog on self hosting I have been financing the blog for last two years and it is no small sum. That excluding the hours we put into it.

Ideally we would like the blog to sustain itself at least and stop eating into our travel funds. This is one of the reasons we have a few monetizing methods we have decided to take up. Fortunately for you and us they are non intrusive and are actually helpful.

Advertising Policy

It’s straightforward Google Adsense which you’ll see on one page or the other at the end of the page. If you click on it I get a few pennies.

Affiliate Policy

When we like a service or product or have a online or off line outlet we shop a lot at we look for its affiliate options. If we find those we sign up and the next time we recommend the services to you in print we use the affiliate link. When you use the service we get a few pennies. You are not charges extra it’s just a referral commission.

The affiliates I love are Amazon, Flipkart (both of which have supplied us quite a bit of books and other travel gears). Then there are aggregators like Goibibo, Agoda, and Airbnb (which we use extensively). Some of these give us cash some hand us extra loyalty points.

Since people do get a bit hyper about money I try to highlight the affiliate links as far as possible. In case I miss a few you have been warned. If you are dead set against it just don’t click on those links and go search for the product using plain old Google.