Travel Privilege-We are Lucky We Can Travel

As we took another bus across the humid roads of God’s own country most of us were sleeping. Conversations and topics run out once you have traveled over 5-6 hours in buses every day for last 3-4 days. Bus travel in Kerala is efficient in the sense buses get you from one place to another but good luck if you want to understand where the bus will take you. It was our journey to Kumbly, a small town which is the base point to visit Thekkady or Gavi (which is where we ended) that our co-passengers caught my eye. people watching is intriguing but when you sit and wonder how these people started their day; it evokes quite a few mixed feelings. Travel privilege becomes even clearer, the interior we go.

Time and again we have thanked our stars, family, education and hard work for the privilege of travel that we enjoy. If any one of the above had decided to play a prank we would be stuck at home taking care of one issue or another. Many people don’t get to travel because they can’t afford it; but for many more it is their situation not necessarily the finances that result in a life devoid of travel.

Travel Privilege
You know you are blessed when you see such beauty


Travel Privilege 1: A Supportive Partner

We both love travel. The thrill of walking new roads for the first time or retracing a path we had taken a few months or years back fills us with joy. The biggest reason we are able to travel is because both of us enjoy it and take pride in our adventures. It is not a requirement that you travel with your significant other but it certainly helps. Let’s face it most girls rarely get to travel alone before or after they are married. Some because they prefer the company but most because either their family or they themselves don’t find it safe enough. In a lot of our family gatherings someone or the other says’you travel because you both love it.’ If you also have this privilege, thank God for it; I know of spouses who consider sleeping in hotel rooms once a year as vacation.

TRAVEL PRIVILEGE 2: A Job That Can Support Us

We have a job which provides for our family requirements and we work other side gigs to make money for our travels. If either one of these streams were not flowing in we would definitely be traveling much much less. The reason we could spend a humongous amount(by our standards) on our trip to Kerala is because we saved our side income and try to not exceed what we can’t afford. Being financial secure sis not a prerequisite to travel, in fact a lot of people travel without a pretty penny to their name; it definitely makes travelling easier. It also helps you fulfill your family responsibilities, traveling the world when your family needs you to support them is simply not our idea of responsible adults.


We both have been blessed with a stable and relatively healthy family where our elders do not required our constant care or presence. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why we can travel as much as we do. It is not possible for most to afford a caregiver during the duration when they are travelling especially if the travels are frequent. Ask me if I would rather be with my parents when they need me or travel and my answer would be parents. That being said both of us are grateful for our loving, stable and relatively healthy families which allow us to reach for our dreams. It is one of the privilege we thank God for every few days.

TRAVEL PRIVILEGE 4:An Education and the Blessing of Being Born Here

We have access to the means as well as the information to travel. It is all great to say that everyone could travel if they put their minds to it, it is just not practical. Imagine landing at a place you know nothing about, if you are a seasoned traveller and know the language surely you will get by. For those of us who don’t really have the information, exposure or skills (people do struggle with operating google search) needed to travel it is not as easy as walking unknown streets with a navigation app on your phone.

We feel blessed every time we travel or even when we plan our trips, because we know the odds are we will take them. A lot of you are a part of this blessing. We like sharing our adventures either here or through your mail boxes or on our facebook group. We have learnt a lot form our readers and we hope you have learnt something from us as well.

Do you also believe that you are privileged because you can travel? If so, what counts as your blessing?

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